How We Can Help You

If you’re in Property & have a vacancy to fill then Scottish Property Jobs.com can help you fill it fast!

Our service is effective, professional and efficient – as an independent Scottish company we can tailor what we do to suit your recruitment budget.

Putting it simply, we get high quality, pre-vetted property candidates in front of you quickly saving you  time and money in your recruitment process.

As a property recruiter we are continuously registering new candidates so by working with us you benefit from:

  • Immediate access to a database of over 4500 pre-vetted property candidates in your market sector.
  • All applicants carefully screened and short lists prepared to meet your criteria
  • Reference Checking, Skills Testing,  Indepth Preliminary Assessment & Evaluation as required
  • Co-ordination of all Interviews, Offers, Notice periods & any counter offers
  • Search & Selection (Headhunting), HR advice and Succession Planning

Done badly recruiting a new member of staff can be time consuming, expensive and can lose you valuable business

Recruitment is our business. In this competitive market we can help your business by taking care of everything, letting you concentrate on what you do best.

              If you’re doing our job – who’s doing yours?

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